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Wybron Motovator
VRAC With Cover. Photo © 1999 Mark Jensen     HVDC Open Front. Photo © 1999 Mark Jensen

The Motovator is a DMX-512 controlled scenery and drapery motion system. The Motovator provides precise servo control of the position and speed of movement of AC motors, DC motors and hydraulic actuators used to move scenery, drapes and drops. The Motovator can be used anywhere motion needs to be tightly integrated with show lighting and effects, using standard lighting consoles and moving light programming techniques. This system allows motion to be designed and edited in the same way (and by the same personnel) as lighting cues. Motovator motion control systems for traveler and Austrian curtains, roll drops and stage turntables are available for inclusion in custom designed applications, or as complete packaged solutions.

Modules are available for controlling low voltage DC brush type servo motors, 90/180V DC motors, AC & DC motors to 25 HP, AC induction motors up to 3HP, hydraulics, hobby servos, LEDs and low voltage incandescent lamps.

All Motovators include incremental and absolute encoder inputs, limit and safety loop inputs, 8/16 bit position and speed control, 37 channels of diagnostic information, abd an optically isolated "Go" button input.

ICD handled all phases of development of this project, from product concept to installation of the first systems using the Motovator. The Motovator was originally an in-house ICD product but has since been sold to Wybron, Inc.

Motovator was originally an in-house ICD product but was sold to Wybron, Inc. in 2002. Wybron shut its doors in 2013, and any available support for former Wybron products is now provided by Gel Services, Inc. Please contact them first if you have questions regarding the Wybron equipment.

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