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Morpheus ProSpot

Morpheus Pro Spot. Photo © Morpheus.

The Morpheus ProSpot is a 600 watt HTI modular moving head fixture. It features an interchangable fixed or fading dichroic color system, moving or fixed gobo wheels, iris and focus. Based on dual Siemens 80C517A processors, the ProSpot uses 16 bit PD servo loops to control 9 DC gearhead motors with integral optical encoders. Originally controlled via the Morpheus proprietary serial protocol, the ProSpot is now available in a DMX-512 version.

ICD designed the electronic hardware and microcontroller software for both the original ProSpot and the new DMX-512 product.

ICD does not manufacture or support the Digital PC Spot, which is a product of Morpheus Lights. Please contact them directly for more information or help regarding their product line. Thank you.

Morpheus logo © Morpheus
Morpheus Lights
Telephone: (702) 365-0536

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