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Morpheus FaderBeam and PC Beam

Morpheus FaderBeam
Photo: Morpheus

The Morpheus FaderBeam is an incandescent moving head fixture using the FEL 1000 watt lamp. It incorporates a variable angle reflector, and the same 3 scroll fading dichroic color system used in the ColorFader. Originally controlled via the Morpheus proprietary serial protocol, the FaderBeam is now available in a DMX-512 version. Its predecessor, the Morpheus PC Beam, had a single color scroller.

ICD designed the electronic hardware and microcontroller software for both the original products and the DMX-512 versions.

ICD does not manufacture or support the Digital PC Spot, which is a product of Morpheus Lights. Please contact them directly for more information or help regarding their product line. Thank you.

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