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Xenotech Automated Britelights

Xenotech/Strong Automated Britelight. Photo courtesy of Xenotech

The Xenotech MK V Automated 2Kw and 7Kw Britelights are motion controlled searchlights, cabable of stand alone operation or fully controllable via DMX-512. Fully modular, the Britelite motion system uses one motion processor/servo amplifier card for each of the five axis (Douser, Focus, Pan, Tilt and Scroll). A relay logic based "supervisor" card monitors power supply voltages and limit switches, and further allows for fully manual operation in the event of a motion processor failure.

Britelight PC Board. Photo © 1999 Mark Jensen
A local LCD display and membrane keypad allow direct user programming of local presets and operation of stand alone cue loops as well as configuration of all operating parameters and monitoring of lamp voltage, current and power. The fixture may be configured to emulate most any available moving light, and so may be used to replace directly other automated searchlights in an existing show or attraction. All motion axis are 32 bit PID servo loops with full trapezoidal motion profiling. Pan and Tilt operate at a maximum speed of 360 degrees in 2 seconds, and a minimum of 360 degrees in 20 minutes.
Another Britelight PC Board. Photo © 1999 Mark Jensen
A subrange of motion may be user programmed out of the available 720 degrees of pan and 270 degrees of tilt to allow fixtures at different distances from the stage to match beam travel, or to prevent light spill at the ends of travel. This limited motion range can either be scaled onto the full 0-65535 DMX control range, or it may be used as a clipping" limit. When used with the optional electronic ballast, the fixture will maintain constant power (wattage) output over the full range of lamp burning positions, using a closed loop power control system. Power output is user programmable.

ICD does not manufacture or support the Britelight, which was a product of Xenotech. The Xenotech has since changed hands a couple times, and are currently owned by Arc Light Efx. Please contact them directly for more information or help regarding the Xenotech product lines. Thank you.

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Arc Light Efx
Telephone: (818) 394-6330
Email: Click here for their email form.
Website: http://www.arclightefx.com/

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