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Universal Searchlights SLASS

Joystick Encoder.

The SLASS (SLAved Searchlight System) is a motion controller for helicopter-mounted searchlights as used in police applications. The SLASS is a three axis PWM DC motor controller and positioning system which allows a Xenon searchlight to be slaved to a FLIR camera, such that the searchlight follows the movements of the camera. The system consists of a hand held controller with force joystick for manually steering the light, and a motion control and motor drive card which accepts altitude and azimuth inputs from the gyro stabilized camera, and position encoder intputs from the light. The entire package is airworthiness certificated by the FAA for use on police helicopters.

ICD designed the SLASS position/motor control board, joystick encoder board and also a stand-alone manual joystick board.

Rev A SLASS board.
Photo: © 2006 Mark Jensen
ICD does not manufacture or support the SLASS, which is a product of Universal Searchlights. Please contact them directly for more information or help regarding their product line. Thank you.

Universal Searchlights, LLC
Telephone: 1-800-203-6486 or (972) 964-6777
Website: http://www.universalsearchlights.com

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